Dark Chocolate Chip
Dark Chocolate Chip

Dark Chocolate Chip

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This Mad Good Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie is our "Signature" cookie 

It incorporates Dark Chocolate Chips with non-traditional flour and it is our best seller 

Lori Griener from the hit ABC TV show “Shark Tank” was kind enough to recommend this cookie on both her Instagram and Twitter social media pages in 2015 and 2016

She said it was “Seriously the most amazing chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had"!

After one bite, you’ll see why.

Customer Reviews

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Goooooood cookies

This is some really good stuff right here, A++

Mad at my daughters!

I met John and bought a pack of cookies on my way to Nantucket. They were so good I sent a text to my daughters to buy me 2 more packs the next day and bring them to me. THEY DID NOT!! I now have to wait 48 hours until I return to New Bedford to buy some more!! They are amazing.

Angela Conte
Of The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

All I really want out of life is chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of wine... So lets just say, I have tested a few chocolate chip cookies and this one - is right up there with the top two.

Best Cookies Ever!!

Literally the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had. My family loves them!

Edna Porter

This one is by far my favorite chocolate chip cookie. And I am guilty of going out to my favorite cookie shop and selecting whatever cookies I want for breakfast! Good thing this isn’t close to where I live in Chicago.