Sample Pack Dozen

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The Mad Good Cookie Sample Pack offers the opportunity for cookie connoisseurs to try a variety of Mad Good Cookie flavors

Order our sample pack and see which Mad Good Cookie is your favorite

The Mad Good Sample Pack includes two cookies each of the following flavors

  • Coconut with Dark Chocolate
  • Cookies N Cream
  • Dark Chocolate Chip
  • M & M
  • Shortbread
  • White Chocolate with Cranberry

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kerry Quinn
Eat cookie ever!

Stopped at the booth at The Scituate Harbor Fest yesterday. We had a great conversation with the owner and bought 3 Peanut Butter cookies for the ride home. OMG!! They were perfect.. just the right amount of baking where they are so
Moist inside but not mushy… they were delicious… and what a great guy!!! My only regret is that we didn’t buy more!

Nicole Pelletier
Great cookies!

Tysm for helping me give gifts on time to family members! They all loved the cookies!

Happy Thanksgiving

Sending the cookies allowed me to be part of Thanksgiving while far away. They were delicious .

Jennifer Denise Harris
So good it made me question my relationship

OMG! I ordered these cookies to be delivered to my gf while traveling for business in the area and I was fortunate to have returned home by date of delivery. When I tell you she DID NOT want to share is an understatement. I had to wait until she fell asleep and sneak one. No one should have to run to the bathroom, turn the water on and pretend to take a shower to enjoy a cookie but damn it I'd do it again no hesitation. If you enjoy the cookies right out of packaging you will ascend to cloud 9 after popping it in the microwave for 6 seconds (yes I was Exact with this). Well worth it and my only suggestion is an option to add a "Payee" cookie to orders. We love each other but her not wanting to share had me give her the side eye and question our dedication to each other. Your cookies have the potential to ruin relationships. Lol! #ShareTheWealth #FutureSecretOrdersComing #StashTheGoods
Signed with love,
Jennifer Denise Harris (CT)

Michelle Koppang

Did not receive notification of cookies being delivered. I called my client to ask if he got anything delivered from me and he said no?